ANNOUNCMENT: Four 2016 Laser World Championships accepting applications

Dear Laser sailor,


Applications for entry are now open for the following ILCA World Championship regattas:

  • 2016 Laser Radial Youth World Championships
  • 2016 Laser Radial Men’s World Championship
  • 2016 Laser 4.7 Youth World Championships
  • 2016 Laser Under-21 Worlds Championships


We encourage you to complete an entry application as soon as possible. Please be aware that if you do not apply by the application deadline for an event, you may have little chance of receiving an entry offer.


The links below will take you to the event information sites with access to applications and additional information about each championship, including the Notice of Race and the country entry allocations.


2016 Laser Radial Youth World Championships


2016 Laser Radial Men’s World Championship


2016 Laser 4.7 Youth World Championships

2016 Laser Under 21 World Championships


We look forward to seeing you on the water in 2016!


Best regards,

The ILCA Team

Member Update with Outcomes from the Conference


Letter from the President

Dear Members and Friends:

As you are aware, I was elected to the office of President at the CSA Annual Conference last month.  I am honoured that the membership has put its confidence in me and will to do my very best to live up to your expectations.  I would like to thank Past President Peter Holmberg for the tremendous contribution he has made to the CSA over the past three years.  Under Peter’s leadership several significant things have been achieved to help  move the organisation forward and it is my hope that I can continue to lead the organisation in a positive and progressive manner in the coming year.  I would also like to thank past and present board members for their dedication to the CSA.  As volunteers, it is a challenge for board members to dedicate the necessary time to fulfil the responsibilities of their roles within the organisation so we should all be grateful for their contributions.

I would like to welcome the entire CSA membership to be active within the organisation.  While we all appreciate the benefits of membership, we also have a responsibility as members to do our bit to contribute to the success of the organisation.  To that end, please feel free to get in touch with the CSA Secretariat ( or any board or committee member at any time with your comments and suggestions.  Together we will continue to make positive change within the sport we love and the region as a whole.

Kathy Lammers, President

Conference Update

The CSA Annual Conference took place last month, and we promised to share minutes and presentations. So that we don’t send you huge documents please click on the public dropbox link below which will open a folder containing:

  • AGM Minutes
  • ROC Minutes
  • Presentations referenced in the Minutes
  • Presentations from Sailors for the Sea
  • Presentation from Kidz at Sea
  • Presentations from

To review the documents – please click on the link below

In case you missed it, we set the location and dates for the 2016 conference – 21 – 22 October in Antigua. Please save the date.

CSA Committees

A number of times throughout the conference we referenced the CSA Committees that operate year round.  Committee members are appointed in accordance with the CSA By-Laws.  They are not necessarily board members – in some cases they are members who showed an interest in being part of a specific Committee. To see the current members of each committee please click here  Please feel free to get in touch with any Committee members if you have queries or feedback for them relevant to their particular Committee.

Membership Payments can now be made by Credit Card

We recognize that until now it has not been easy for members to pay their membership dues because the cost of wire transfers can be prohibitive and mailing cheques is not necessarily reliable.  As a result, we have made two recent changes that we hope will make payments more user-friendly.  First, we have changed the CSA’s membership year to run from September 1 to August 31 which will make it timely to pay membership dues at the CSA Annual Conference.
Second, we are delighted to report that we are now able to accept payments by credit card – this is for both membership dues and measurers fees.  If you would like to pay by credit card we will send you a credit card authorisation form, and once processed, we will forward a receipt for payment and it will show on your account as a charge from Caribbean Sailing Events Inc.

It is fair to say that over the last couple of years the CSA has been on a major membership drive and we are delighted to report that we are now seeing more organisations becoming a part of the CSA and playing active roles in the organisation. This is excellent news for the industry and for our ability to market the region to the world.  Most Group O MNAs in the region are now CSA members and we will soon move forward with an application for ISAF Affiliate membership.

With that said, there are still some organisations whose membership dues are in arrears.  To be inclusive we have been very flexible on this until now but from January 1, 2016 we will begin to enforce our membership policies more firmly. That means that the benefits of membership will no longer be extended to members whose dues are outstanding for six months or more.

We will be issuing statements for outstanding membership dues this week and we will be billing 2016 membership dues (which will be pro-rated) in the near future, so please advise as soon as possible if you are able to settle your account.  We are hoping that accepting credit cards will help you to make payments in a more timely manner.

ISAF Technical Course for Coaches – Trinidad and Tobago‏

18 November 2015

Dear Group O Member National Authorities,

Regional Technical Course for Coaches- Trinidad and Tobago

I am pleased to invite your MNA to attend a Regional Technical Course for Coaches to be held in Trinidad and Tobago which will be hosted by Trinidad and Tobago Sailing Association (TTSA) The dates for this Level 3 Performance Technical Course for Coaches are 14 – 19 December 2015 (6 days)

TTSA will kindly provide

• Accommodation for five (5) nights. The accommodation is set at three (3) rooms for six (6) people in total. Participants will need to share a room. The hotel (Crews Inn) provides daily breakfast included in the price of the room.
• Meals for the duration of the course (six days) as well as coffee, water and tea.
• Daily travel from the hotel to TTSA.

Please bear in mind, the above will come at a first come first served basis.

You will be expected to pay for:

• Roundtrip Airfare
• Airport Transfers: Piarco International Airport to Crews Inn is approximately $70USD.
• Meals outside of the course days. Approximately $50USD/day.
• Accommodation outside of the five (5) nights provided by TTSA.

Please be aware: An additional night would be at a cost of $160USD per room. Any additional charges to the room for beverages or meals etc. will not be incurred by TTSA and will be the responsibility of the individual.

A detailed outline of the Course Syllabus for the Coaches will be provided to all applying to attend this course. The aim of the Regional Course is to help as many ISAF Member National Authorities as possible to benefit from an expert coaches and to encourage MNAs in your region to be part of the development of World Sailing. I invite you to submit your interest in attending this course to the Trinidad and Tobago Sailing Association Administrator; Arianne La Chapelle ( who will be part of the team to help run this course.

Yours sincerely,

Cathy Armstrong Training and Development Administrator World Sailing

New CSA President at the Helm as the Rating Rule Changes Course


The Caribbean Sailing Association Annual Conference was held in St. Maarten last weekend where more than fifty of the Caribbean’s most influential people in yacht racing convened. The three day conference began with the Annual General Meeting at which outgoing President Peter Holmberg passed leadership of the organization to Kathy Lammers, Chairman of Antigua Sailing Week’s Regatta Organizing Committee.

Holmberg remains on the board as Past President along with Chris Haycraft and Pam Fuller of the British Virgin Islands, Jaime Torres of Puerto Rico, Alison Sly-Adams of Antigua and Jeffrey Chen of Trinidad who continues as Chief Measurer. New to the board are Judy Petz of the British Virgin Islands and Mike Green of St. Lucia. Of her new role Lammers says: “I am honored to be voted in as CSA President and recognize the enormous contribution Peter has made to the association in his role as President over the past three years. Our job as a board and an association is to build on the structure we now have in place and continue to look at opportunities to market our region to the world while building support for our youth programs to ensure we have a strong base of young sailors entering the sport throughout the region. In addition, a refocus of the measurers’ group will see our rating rules continue to develop in order to keep up with state-of-the-art developments in the sailing industry.”

A significant part of the conference was dedicated to a meeting of the measurers group led by Chief Measurer Jeffrey Chen from Trinidad. In his report back to the conference group following the meeting, Jeffrey explained that the CSA rating rule has grown over more than 50 years from an individual keel boat rule into four separate rules under the CSA brand: the simplified rule; the classic rule; the multihull rule; and the main CSA rule.

Chen said: “After many hours of discussion over the weekend, the measurers group has made the decision to move forward in a slightly different direction and as such the CSA will be reaching out to different sources to establish new partnerships to assist with further refining each of the rules. This will ensure the rules continue to meet the specific needs of their local, regional and international customers and provide fair and consistent results”.

The major focus of the conference for regatta organizers was on sustainability through the sponsorship support of Sailors for the Sea. The Sailors for the Sea team delivered six separate sessions covering its clean regattas program with discussion of how regatta organizers can use their events to effect permanent change in their communities. Included were presentations on integrated waste management, leveraging sponsorships, engaging youths, working with NGOs and looking at the damage occurring in our coral reefs due to poor waste management. Sailors for the Sea will continue to work with all members of the CSA to assist in developing the program island by island throughout the Caribbean. Chief Executive of Sailors for the Sea, R. Mark Davis said: “The CSA and the Conference are a great fit for us as a partner because we are able to network with organizations right across the region over one weekend and gain feedback about what is needed to assist in sustainable practices not just during their events but year round. This helps us understand how we can continue to move the Clean Regattas program forward and make it as effective as possible”.

The dates for the 2016 Conference which will take place in Antigua were confirmed as October 21-22, 2016. For information and updates on next year’s conference visit:
The Caribbean Sailing Association (CSA) promotes sailing within the region, and Caribbean sailing to the world. The CSA also administers Rating Rules to provide a simple and fair handicap system for racing. Additionally, the CSA serves as a forum for yacht clubs, regattas, sailing organizations and sailors throughout the Caribbean to coordinate interests and events, exchange ideas and best practices, and combine voices to achieve broader exposure to the international community. For more information visit

Media Enquiries:
Nicola Nash
Peter Holmberg

Application for ISAF Youth Worlds 2015

logo ISAF Youth Worlds 2015

2015 ISAF Youth Worlds
dates: 27 Dec 2015 to 3 January 2016
Venue: Langkawi, Malaysia

Before you decide to put your name forward, please read the Notice of Race carefully as it includes a lot of important information.

31 March 2015: deadline for youth sailor to apply for qualification with AHOsailing
send email to qualify[at] (replace [at] by @) with:
– name event
– your name
– class you want to participate in
15 April 2015: deadline payment non-refundable Entry Fee by applicant to AHOsailing*
1 May 2015: deadline for AHOsailing to enter classes to qualify for the early entry fee
1 June 2015: deadline for AHOsailing to enter classes and payment of late entry fee

Qualifier: t.b.a.
*Entry Fee will only be refunded, when another sailor pays the Entry Fee for that specific class for the 2015 ISAF Youth Worlds.

NoR Released and Entry Open 2015 St. Maarten Heineken Regatta

141024 logo SXM Heineken Regatta 2015

The team at The St. Maarten Heineken Regatta are very pleased to announce that entries are now open for the 2015 Regatta, taking place March 5 – 8. You can enter the race now at Regatta Guru;

The Notice of Race is now available.

The team hopes to see lots of return entries as well as some new ones this year, all coming to celebrate the events 35th year. In order to celebrate this milestone year, there will be some changes this coming season so watch this space for more information!

St.Maarten Heineken Regatta

For over three decades, the St. Maarten Heineken Regatta has showcased the top boats and sailing-and has become equally famous for its world-class slate of parties and musical entertainment-in the Caribbean. Now recognized by sailors around the planet as one of the sailing world’s best regattas, each year the event lives up to its worthy motto: Serious Fun.

For full information on the St. Maarten Heineken Regatta, including results, photos, videos, party and band information, and much, much more, visit

35th St. Maarten Heineken Regatta, March 5 – 8, 2015.

Gill Commodore’s Cup

Opens Registration to Include all Regatta Participants.

What could be better than racing for three days with over 2000 of the world’s best sailors? How about racing for four days! The St.Maarten Heineken Regatta is proud to announce that their pre-event, the Gill Commodore’s Cup, is accepting entries in all boat categories (excluding Lottery Class). This pre-event, which has been running for almost a decade, used to be open to Spinnaker boats only, but for the 35th edition of the St.Maarten Heineken Regatta, organizers are enthusiastically inviting all regatta entries to take part in this great warm up race. The Gill Commodore’s Cup takes place on March 5th 2015, and will maintain individual results, allowing sailors to practice and perfect their racing without influencing their main event results.

Enter the Gill Commodores Cup and the 35th St. Maarten Heineken Regatta here 

Application for ISAF Youth Worlds 2014

2014 ISAF YWLogo 300

2014 ISAF Youth Worlds
dates: 12 to 19 July
Venue: Tavira, Portugal

15 January 2014: deadline for participant to apply for qualification with AHOsailing
send email to qualify[at] (replace [at] by @) with:
– name event
– your name
– class you want to participate in
15 January 2014: deadline payment non-refundable €100 Equipment Reservation Fee by applicant to AHOsailing
31 January 2014: deadline equipment registration and payment non-refundable €100 Equipment Reservation Fee by AHOsailing to organizers
28 Februari 2014, 17:00 hrs UTC: deadline APP application by AHOsailing at ISAF
30 April 2011: deadline participants registration and entry fee payment by AHOsailing at organizers
Qualifier: t.b.a. (most probably Dutch Youth Regatta 2014 Workum 29 May – 1 June)

Application for Santander 2014 ISAF Worlds for Olympic Classes

Santander2014 ISAF Worlds

2014 Santander ISAF Worlds for Olympic Classes
dates: September 2014
Venue: Santander, Spain

AHOsailing has been allocated 1 spot per Olympic Class.
To secure this single spot AHOsailing has to confirm the classes it wants to make use of the allocated spot before 1 January 2014 and make payment before 1 February 2014

15 December 2013: deadline for participant to apply for qualification with AHOsailing
send email to qualify[at] (replace [at] by @) with:
– name event
– your name
– class you want to participate in

15 January 2014: deadline payment non-refundable Entry Fee by applicant to AHOsailing

t.b.a.: deadline participants registration by AHOsailing at organizers
Qualifiers: t.b.a.

Registration open for 34th St. Maarten Heineken Regatta 2014

130930 Heineken Regatta

The 34th St. Maarten Heineken Regatta, taking place 6th – 9th March 2014, is now open for registration via the website Enter your boat in this fun filled four day event. The Notice of Race is also available on the website with lots of other info on the regatta, the infamous parties and the fabulous Island itself.


130510 Caribbean Laser Champs

The organizers of the 24th CARIBBEAN OPEN LASER CHAMPIONSHIPS 8-9 June 2013, are ready to receive your entries:

Heineken Light and the Sint Maarten Yacht Club, present the 24TH CARIBBEAN OPEN LASER CHAMPIONSHIPS

A great weekend of Laser sailing in the finest waters in the Caribbean: and that’s saying something! Compete against the top Laser sailors in the region in the Open Class, or fight it out amongst the crafty sailors of the Masters Class: there is a class for every age and skill level.

More info: has been hacked but also been recovered

The website of AHOsailing has been hacked. We are happy that we have been able to restore most information. But the templates and more have been destroyed. Now we have built a new website using all information we have been able to retrieve. Some information that should be published on pages is now included in news posts. Over the next month we hope to have the complete site up and running again.
We apologize for any inconvenience.

2013 ISAF Youth Worlds

2013 Youth Worlds Venue

Dates: 11-20 July 2013
Venue: Limassol, Cyprus
Notice of Race
Entries by nation
Participant: Just van Aanholt (Boy’s One Person Dinghy)

The ISAF Youth Worlds is a restricted event and can only be entered through AHOsailing

2013 ISAF Nations Cup Events


Fure and past evenents calendar
Brazilians Take Nations Cup South American Titles

5.5m IC Worlds

5.5 GER55 Curacao 2013

The 5.5m IC Worlds that were held in the waters of Curacao were a great success with fantastic winds and waves under blue skies. The competition was very tight until the last race.

Winner Markus Wieser (GER) managed to squeeze into the gold medal position, just ahead of Kristiaan Nergaard (NOR) who was leading the series most of the time. Place three was secured by Petter Fjeld (NOR).

For the first time a full female team participated at the 5.5m IC Worlds. AHOsailing is proud of Marjon Kooistra, Chantal Govaerts and Alexandra Siebels who accomplished to stand strong between a field of big male sailors. These 5.5 Worlds were also the first time AHO was present. The other AHO team consisted of Sergey Boer, Erik Albers, Gareth Weber/Kevin van Otterdijk.

AHOsailing is proud of the organizers and Race Management, who have put together a flawless event. With this event three World Championships have been organised in the AHOsailing territories over the last 24 month.

5.5m IC Worlds 2013 results
5.5 picture and video gallery

Deadline extended

The deadline to inform AHOsailing to be considered a candidate for the ISAF Youth Worlds 2013 has been extended to 20 January 2013 and the deadline for payment of the Equipment Deposit to AHOsailing has been extended to 25 January 2013.


2013 Universiade

Kazan 2013 logo

We have received information from the Student Sport Federation Dutch Caribbean that sailing is NOT included as an event during the 27th Summer Universiade in Kazan, July 6-17 2013.

Kazan 2013 sports_program

ISAF Youth Worlds reminder

Please be reminded that, if you want to be considered a candidate for the ISAF Youth Worlds 2013 you shall inform AHOsailing and pay the Equipment Deposit to AHOsailing before 15 January 2013.

2012 ISAF Youth Worlds

2012 ISAF Youth Worlds
dates: 12 to 21 July
Venue: Dublin Bay, Dun Laoghaire, Ireland

15 January 2012: deadline for participant to apply for qualification with NASAF
send email to qualify[at] (replace [at] by @) with:
– name event
– your name
– class you want to participate in
15 January 2012: deadline payment non-refundable €100 Equipment Reservation Fee by applicant to NASAF
31 January 2012: deadline equipment registration and payment non-refundable €100 Equipment Reservation Fee by NASAF to organizers
 6 February 2012: deadline APP application by NASAF at ISAF
30 April 2011: deadline participants registration and entry fee payment by NASAF at organizers
Laser Radial Boys applicants:
  • Louis Hendrikx,
  • Eugene Hendrikx,
  • Kevin van Otterdijk,
  • Just van Aanholt
Qualifier Laser Radial Boys: Dutch Youth Regatta 2012 Workum 17-20 May
Winner qualifier: Just van Aanholt
AHOsailing has been represented by:
Just van Aanholt, Laser Radial Boys, 26th

5.5 World Championship 2013

The 5.5m WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2013 will take place in CURACAO together with the races of the Scandinavian Gold-Cup 2013.

  • Gold-Cup: 24th to 27th of January 2013
  • Tune-up races: 26th and 27th of January 2013
  • World Championship: 28th January to 1st February 2013

Olympic Event Tickets

We received the following information from Cartan, according to NAOC the official tickets supplier for our country:

Cartan Tours is the Official Authorized Ticket Reseller for the Olympic Committee of Netherlands Antilles and the Official Travel Agent for London 2012 Summer Olympic Games. We are proud to represent Netherlands Antilles’ Olympic Team and we invite your Sailing Federation, including athletes families, and friends for London 2012.

We still have a wide selection of Olympic Event Tickets available. Cartan Tours also offers Olympic Travel Packages including Opening and Closing Ceremony packages along with our hospitality services and our experience with the Olympic Games since 1988.

All information can be found at Please contact us if you have any questions and to learn more about our complete services for London 2012 Summer Olympic Games. We can be reached at 1.310.546.9662 and through email at

2012 ISAF Youth Worlds reminder

Please be reminded that, if you want to be considered a candidate for the ISAF Youth Worlds 2012 you shall inform NASAF and pay the Equipment Deposit to NASAF before 15 January 2012

Relevant info can be found on: ISAF Youth Worlds 2012

AHO Sailors qualification system published.


The Sailors qualification system for who will represent AHO in the 2012 Olympic Games in London has been published by the NASAF Qualification Committee.


Sailors Qualification Olympics 2012

Sailors Qualification Olympic Games 2012 , (applies per Olympic Class)

The NAOC Uitzend Criteria 2010-2012 and the NAOC code of conduct are applicable.
If Qualification system A is applicable Qualification system B and C are VOID.
If Qualification system B is applicable Qualification system A and C are VOID.
If Qualification system C is applicable Qualification system A and B are VOID.

Qualification system A:
When only one sailor qualifies the country (AHO) in a certain Olympic Class at the Perth Worlds 2011 Country Qualifier, that sailor qualifies him/herself for the 2012 Olympics and qualifies him/herself as first endorsed entry for the 2nd Country Qualifier.

Qualification system B:
When multiple sailors qualify the country (AHO) in a certain Olympic Class at the Perth Worlds 2011 Country Qualifier, meaning that each one of them would have qualified the country (AHO) in the absence of the other AHO sailors, a subsequent qualifier will be held only between these sailors. The sailor that finishes more times ahead of the other in the final Overall Results at the events mentioned hereunder qualifies him/herself for the 2012 Olympics and qualifies him/herself as first endorsed entry for the 2nd Country Qualifier:
• Perth Worlds 2011 (3 – 18 December 2011)
• Miami OCR 2012 (22 – 28 January 2012)
• Palma OCR 2012 (31 March – 7 April 2012)

Qualification system C:
When no sailor qualifies the country (AHO) in a certain Olympic Class at the Perth Worlds 2011 Country Qualifier a subsequent qualifier will be held. The sailor that finishes more times ahead of the other in the Final Overall Results at the events mentioned hereunder qualifies him/herself for the 2012 Olympics (in case AHO qualifies itself in that Olympic Class at the 2nd Country Qualifier) and qualifies him/herself as first endorsed entry for the 2nd Country Qualifier.:
• Perth Worlds 2011 (3 – 18 December 2011)
• Miami OCR 2012 (22 – 28 January 2012)
• Palma OCR 2012 (31 March – 7 April 2012)

For System B and C: In case a sailor has an overall result in a certain qualifier event and another sailor has no result in the same event, the sailor with a result in that event will be considered to have finished ahead of the sailor with no result in that event.
When a sailor is unable or unwilling to participate in an Olympic or country qualifier event he/she qualified for, the following in order will be considered to have qualified for that event.

In case this qualification system does not cover an unforeseen situation NASAF will decide.

For questions please email to

IOC withdraws recognition from NAOC

At the IOC Session in Durban the IOC ratified the proposal of the Executive Board to withdraw the recognition of the Netherlands Antilles Olympic Committee. The decision can be read in the letter of President Jacques Rogge to NAOC.

Marlow Regatta


The Marlow Regatta CARIBBEAN ONEDESIGN KEELBOAT CHAMPIONSHIP will be organized by The St.Maarten Yacht Club on Saturday June 18th and Sunday June 19th 2011 at Simpson Bay Lagoon, St.Maarten. For further information please contact: Cary Byerley Email: director[at]